Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bali Rural Commune

*** This is another late post. It was in October 2016. Information mention below can be different from today’ experience.

We visited Bali Rural Commune as a part of journey on cruise-ship. The cruise itself was a two weeks Australian Coast & Bali Cruise with Celebrity Solstice

We were in Bali Sea early morning around 7 am, but because it was a tender port, it took sometimes for us to be inside the bus at the port.The tour we booked on board was called Balinese Culinary Experience shore excursion with price USD 129.00 per person for 1 day excursion. 

At this port, all passenger had to be board the least 4.45 pm. We arrived back from our tour around 3.30 pm. Some of us could do shopping first at the port before back on board. 

The excursion started from Port of Benoa. We got pick up by a bus which brought us to the location and back to the port. It was a very comfortable bus with air conditioner on while the outside temperature was 29 degrees Celsius. We also got snacks and cold drinks. The driver and the tour guide made us enjoy the ride with very useful information about Bali and the excursion itself. 

First stop: 
we visited traditional market. We stayed there for about an hour. We met our chef for the cooking class later in the afternoon.  

Then went to second stop: we had traditional snacks stop on our way to Bangli. Bangli is a regency of Bali where we had cooking class. The location of second stop was kind of family home (Balinese Housecompound) with few small buildings  which I think they use it as part of their package for people who want to stay for a night(s) - Homestay package. 

We stayed for a half hour: had our morning coffee/tea with traditional snacks, had information about the compound, used the toilets and ready to go again.

Last stop was the location of Bali Rural Commune; the place where we were going to have Bali Culinary Experience.  It’s about 39 km from Benoa Port. We got coconut drink directly from coconut as a welcome refreshment. 

For our lunch, we prepared the main course together at the cooking class. We cooked Tuna Sambal Matah and Sate Lilit Ayam. Each of us got the recipes and the ingredients. We received help from the assistants to do as it should be. As for third recipe, Dadar Gulung, we watched the chef preparing for us. 

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At the end, we enjoyed the food and we learnt a lot for sure. Plus we received certificate with our names on it. A happy ending. 😊

Thank you Bali Rural Commune. We hope we can visit you again someday.

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